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Hi, my name is Rob. I live with my family in a beautiful part of the Dumfriesshire countryside where you will often see me rooting around in people's wood piles or dismantling oak barrels and filling my beloved old Land Rover with my treasures that I have found. 


Wagtails Wood Art was born from my hobby and passion for creating unique, artisan and bespoke pieces of wood art and functional items. Whether it is an old tree root, or unwanted piece of old furniture, all of the pieces are made from repurposed and reclaimed wood, which I get from as many different sustainable sources as possible.

I started small in my garage making gifts for friends and family, which then progressed onto people asking for bespoke items to be made. This has now enabled me to have the confidence to expand to sell my beautiful pieces and creations to order.

I have a display of my work set up next to my workshop so if you're in the area, feel free to pop in, see some of my work, visit the workshop and have a chat

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